Who we are



First of all,
a group of people who love healty food, inherenting Grandma’s healty style for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our products are carefully sourced and selected from farmers around Italy, seeking the Italian culinary and homemade tradition.
Since we are passionate about good food, with flavours that enchant our palate, blessing us with those few seconds of pleasure and peace with the rest of the world, we decided to move along the millenial streets of ancient Italian culinary traditions.
Our job is to select small food artisans, who are able to deliver exactly what you want to your table carrying  the  Acqua e Farina’s signature.
Acqua e Farina is the cradle of the Italian traditional cuisine and we will add other ingredients to our signature in order to deliver high premium products and quality: our added value will be adding images, recipes, tips, combinations, creating events and debates.
Henry IV once said “Good food and good wine, is heaven on Earth”. We share his same philosophy.

Food with a story