Our history has its roots in the passion for the great tradition of Italian Cuisine and for simply good and healty eating, respectfull of production cycles and seasons.
For the Italians eating it’s never “just eating”, we believe that good things happen when we gather around a fine dining table to enjoy with those we love a good meal and a glass of wine.
We cherish our old Grandma’s recipe books, with stained newspaper cuttings within, the cosy restaurants with a few tables by candlelight, the scent of freshly baked bread roaming around the kitchens that resound with the innocent laughters of children with water and flour on their hands.
Thus our name and passion comes from this simple image, from the notion that real beauty is in the little things, the little things from which the extraordinary is born every day.
This is our philosophy, it is our DNA, it is a part of who we are, an invaluable part of our culture.
That’s why we value authenticity and the freshness of our ingredients, made with love by the skilful hands of young Italian craftsmen.
Being genuine for us is essential, we select exclusively enviromentally friendly farms that employ excellent raw materials: everything is always and rigorously homemade in order to satisfy your daily cravings.
Food is an experience to live joyfully with all our senses: a plate that satisfies the eye, the smell and the feel of fresh ingredients and the joy of a heavenly flavor.
This is Acqua e Farina’s ultimate goal: to deliver the essence of the Italian soul and style in order to inspire your imagination.


People who love to eat