Roman Style: Pasta alla Carbonara
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Roman Style: Pasta alla Carbonara

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Risultati immagini per calendar icon vector   2/9/2019

   10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Risultati immagini per location icon vector  NYC Upper West Side


Pasta alla Carbonara has humble roots in the Apennine hills of Central Italy, not far from Roma. The dish was known as the shepherds’ favorite as they roamed the hilly pastures following the movement of flocks, a practice known as transumanza, thanks to its simple, readily available ingredients: egg, guanciale, and cheese. Join us for a demonstration on how to prepare this classic Roman dish from start to finish. In this class, you’ll learn all the necessary techniques, from selecting ingredients to prepping, chopping, whisking and sautéing to make the best Pasta alla Carbonara.   

In this demonstration-style class ( max 5 people) guests will:

  • Gather around the stove we demonstrates how to make this popular Roman pasta dish.
  • Enjoy the finished dish paired with a good glass of red Italian wine  from Lazio region.
  • Make new friends.