Truffle: a Treasure that comes in Black!
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Truffle: a Treasure that comes in Black!

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Risultati immagini per calendar icon vector   1/12/2019

   16:30 PM - 18:30 PM

Risultati immagini per location icon vector  NYC Upper West Side


Norcia Black truffle season is in full swing! Taste the delicacy of Italian Truffle with one of it’s classic pairings of Grana Padano cheese. An intimate dinner at our Table will guide you through a decadent adventure of shaping fresh pasta dough, learning how to distinguish top quality truffles, and a guided tasting of different Grana Padano ages.

Watch the tartufi e formaggi come to life as we create a dish featuring Acqua e Farina Truffles Sauce and Grana Padano.

In this hands on class you will:

  • Enjoy a guided tasting of Grana Padano cheese tasting
  • Our demo’s pasta dough mixing.
  • Guests shave black truffles, shape various shapes of pasta by hand
  • Enjoy a truffle pasta dinner 
  • Take home Acqua e Farina Truffle Sauce