All About Pasta
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All About Pasta

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Risultati immagini per calendar icon vector   9/28/2019

   17:30 PM - 19:30 PM

Risultati immagini per location icon vector  NYC Upper West Side (keep in touch about the exact location!)


Italy is celebrated for its infinite varieties of fresh and dry pasta, each with its own unique history, texture, and place on the table. We love the air-dried, bronze-extruded pasta that originated in southern Campania; by the same token, the north’s fresh egg pasta is exquisite.

In Italy we eat pasta – a delicious, versatile ingredient – every day. The trick? Simple: we eat pasta the healthy Italian way: cooked al dente, sauced lightly, and portioned reasonably. Forget everything that you thought you knew about pasta, and join us  for our All About Pasta experience.

In these intimate 5-person experiences, you’ll start out your workshop learning about the difference between dry and fresh pasta. Along the way, you’ll also learn about the key ingredients that go into making the perfect staple pomodoro sauce. After the lesson you’ll savor a menu featuring two pasta dishes to taste the difference of fresh and dry after learning about them, of course! Your lunch also comes paired with one glass of Italian wine or an Italian beer.